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(04-13-2012, 07:24 PM)aqqman link Wrote:Edit: yes, I just tested it on 404 -lava. It has 4x400 in the file which gives 200%- same as 4x200 but 4x500 gives only 165% (I tested it on that star above)
Hey v66r are you sure that devil doesn't take some extra data from those numbers when they are far above 200?
I am still not sure about that... I think there is a reason why these values are so high. Notice that in the ls1 file (for descent 1) they are not greater than 200

(04-13-2012, 07:13 PM)aqqman link Wrote:From my observations I can say that the real shame is that devil doesn't take texture colours to calculate light like DLE does. You have to tell it how much light to apply to each texture in the file mentioned above.... Below 2 screen shots taken on my experimental map. First with devil lighting, second - default DLE lighting...oh and annoying black horizon did cut off some stuff...level has just less than 900 cubes, potential to release such map... for XL only maybe.
I don't think it makes sense that a white surface automatically emits light. The default lightsource file should contain all textures which emit light. However you are right that in some cases Devil gives not enough control on lighting. That's something which also annoyed myself many times when I wanted to create some special light effects the normal lightsource definitions could not fulfill. Maybe tagging sides / edges in some special way to manually set lighting (preventing devil from modifying these when illuminating the mine) would be helpful.

(04-13-2012, 07:13 PM)aqqman link Wrote:BUG: Devil crashes when using Delete Taged cubes if I have just a bit more than few.(about a dozen)
Ok I'll look after this ... Please make sure that you post such things in the bugs forum in future Wink
(04-13-2012, 07:13 PM)aqqman link Wrote:Screenshots taken using rebirth beta rev. 1307
BTW these screenshots look pretty impressive... Very cool Smile
Thanks.... I just realized that Devil lighting may do some good in hiding that ugly horizon side effect.

Quote:Maybe tagging sides / edges in some special way to manually set lighting (preventing devil from modifying these when illuminating the mine) would be helpful.

Yea I guess Lock button comes back to use here...

Finally, after tampering a bit with Devil settings (more settings than ls file) I got this:
Changing lighting stuff does crash rebirth, probably due number of lightsources limitation. (got warned by devil at some point about it)

[Image: better.JPG]

I wonder why small light/engine doesn't work, altering it's texture lighting in ls file doesn't work for whatever reason.... maybe they just don't use thrusters at the moment..
About Pog files.
Devil checks given descent path for descent2.exe file.
If found devil checks size of it to find out which version we have (1.0 or 1.2). After that it decides to show 'change pogfile button' or not. I don't like rubbish on my hdd so I deleted original dos exe that's why devil asked me about the version when started for first time and that's why I didn't have that button (It shouldn't need original exe for pog support anyway).
SDLDevil pog support is not ready yet so it doesn't matter. I managed to activate this button in dos version using my cd descent2 clean instalation and it works (reading pog's) - this method didn't work with SDLDevil.

Well then, I'm having great fun with this so far. The only problem now is the crashing in render mode with it seems. (also the lighting it self can be improved).
When should we expect a 0.5?
I could not reproduce renderer crash until now... since the lighting in rendering mode is still buggy, this might cause the problem - but I need a way to reproduce it to track down the exact reason for the crash. Regarding lighting there are also bugs I want to fix.
Other bugs like the crash while deleting multiple cubes are already fixed in the developement tree...
I want to get rid of the textmode configuration in 0.5... this is a bit more work than I have expected... maybe in the end of april I can say more... developement did not stop Smile
to narrow your search for crashes in render mode, 1st light a map with a bunch of lights, then fly back and forth through lit and dark areas of the map. It will most likely crash after a bit.
OK i'll try this.. Thanks!

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