Announcing SDLDevil

Since I always was fan of the DEVIL editor, I took a bit efford in porting it to SDL and making it usable on modern operating systems.

For the case that I am not the last Devil fan, I created a Sourceforge project for it

Here you can get the sourcecode and win32 binaries of the version 0.2, the first public release.

Please keep in mind that this is in Alpha state, some features are still not working. But my alphatest showed that it's pretty stable and possible to create levels with it Smile

Very excited about it. Smile
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Oh, Thank you! I was considering doing this myself, but egh, I took one look at the Devil code and concluded that the only way to go would be a full rewrite Dang

Might use this as a base for my project though, as I had wanted to take advantage of modern windowing toolkits. But that takes time.
Nice initiative. Cna't offer much, as I lack motive for Devil. Tongue But will definitely check it out, and you never know... I may gain motive for Devil. Wink
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the mission folder finding is a bit weird. other then that, it is good Big Grin
ill keep looking for glitches.
Thanks for the positive feedback so far, bug reports and suggestions are always welcome

@Blarget2, you mean the file browser dialog? Yeah, it's just like in the original devil - these were always a little bit weird when being used to windows file open/save dialogs Smile
(03-28-2012, 05:24 PM)InsanityBringer link Wrote:I took one look at the Devil code and concluded that the only way to go would be a full rewrite Dang

Lol that was also my thought the first time... But since a plan of a friend of mine and me creating a complete new leveleditor stalled due to lack of time, I tried it again.
Once I got used to achims coding style, I found it pretty good portable. The whole graphics backend was well decapsulated from the rest, so replacing GRX with SDL was not that hard. But there were some REALLY nasty bugs. My favorite was that on 64 bit machines a va_list (variable argument list) is passed by reference while on 32 bit it's by value. DEVIL relied on the latter which leaded to reading random memory as arguments in some places Smile
In dosbox, i just set the missions dir in the config for devil and it worked every time.
With SDLdevil, i have to make a new map, then click load (for some reason allows me to access the whole hard drive), and THEN open save for save to work.
This is not a big issue, but if you don't do it in that order, it does not go anywhere and stays blank.
Now I can finally get to see why everyone says Devil's so great (The original would never run on any computer I tried it on)...

Though I'm so used to the DLE-XP interface by now I'll probably end up sticking with it.

EDIT: I still can't figure out how to get into the actual editor.  Unless the entire thing is command-line which would... not explain all the hype I heard about DEVIL.

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um, i can demonstrate the editor via a live stream if you want.

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