Bug: D1 Co-Op as Team Anarchy & Robo Anarchy on tracker.
(07-27-2013, 06:07 PM)zico link Wrote: While it affects the Tracker Web UI, the games themselves shoudl run fine and the infos the games themselves read from the host should be fine as well.
Not always.
Sometimes the game doesn't show up on the ingame list at all even if it is listed on the web tracker, but when it does show up in game - it is correct.
Since the length of register packet for D1x was changed tracker can't interpret such packet correctly. Sources of the tracker itself are not public so we don't know how the program is actually pulling certain data from the packet itself, so my guess would be that at certain gametype reported by the host (or maybe even name, title) interpretation on the tracker fails so badly that it causes the tracker to skip sending it to the client even if it still displayed it on the web interface (incorrectly of course).
It is a pain since we have to go back to the times before the tracker was implemented and type IP address of the host Wink
Yes, you are right, this might be possible. If the tracker get's it totally wrong, it will not show up at all. Anyways I think Matt should have a fix for this, soon.
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