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Something is missing I guess for me to figure it out.
I see now.  You posted a screenshot.  Just post text next time, please.  That file is very old and practically unmodified.  Git blames the failed lines on zico's original import into Bazaar.  I cross-compiled the whole tree Linux->Windows a while back and it worked fine.  I don't know why you're getting that error.  Do you get the same error when building 0.58.1?
Yes, sir. No sir - same problem with zico's code ...damn.
I had quite a few people asking me about how to build the new source. So here's what I'm going to do: Soon as I get ready for the BETA, I'll redo my own build environment from scratch. I'll write that doen in a few simple steps so everyone can reproduce this and build a new "MiniDev" out of it until Zif can update the official one.
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Thanks zico. I'll wait then.
Did I hear correctly that the new environment for the uni branch is in C++ and not ObjC?
Not exactly.  The Mac-based components have always had an Objective-C component in order to deal with how Apple exposed their system interfaces.  Everything else was pure C for Rebirth 0.57.3 and below.  Linux and Windows builds then had no Objective-C.  I think I had some C++ in Rebirth 0.58.1, and the unification branch has all the pure C converted to build as C++.  Linux and Windows builds still have no Objective-C, and Mac builds still do.
... this project isn't really dead. Smile

Yes, I say that all the time but that means it's very much alive, right? Yeah, it is actually. Of course I need to apologize for the lack of ... anything, really. Right now we have something cooking behind the scenes. Some people already know about it and well... they are quite many so depending on how much they talk, it may now be a secret at all anymore.

If you all know, it's totally fine. But I personally don't wanna talk about it, until it's completely done. Just to prevent getting involved into discussions I don't really "need" right now. I can say that it's a long term goal we are trying to archive, it's very positive for all who contribute to this project and the "freedom" of Rebirth itself. But alas, it's a MOUNTAIN of work to do.

And it's not just that. Since it affects everything we work on, we have stalled development, until it's done.

On a more happy note: As I hinted before, tried to secure myself a more reliable time frame I can dedicate to DXX-Rebirth. Unfortunately it's not going to be as much as in the first few years of the project - where I could work almost 6 hours a day on it, but I will be able to work on it regularly again. And with the constant help of more developers who also actively contribute, I think we can step up again. That is - like I said - when "it" is finally done.
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!

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