The Official DXX-Rebirth Installer
Quote:1. I'd like for someone to be able to install it without internet access. I agree with zico's philosophy that it's almost always a bad idea to require an internet access to run a program.

I was thinking about having update function as an additional option in the current installer, not as a replacement.
Remember, it's singleplayer  philosophy, and - if you want to download rebirth you also need an internet connection.

Quote:2. I think an auto update would make great sense if DXX-Rebirth was updated every couple days or so...but since there's such a distance between releases right now, I can very easily re-release it for each version.

Yes.... you have the point here.

I think what AFP was trying to say (correct me if I am wrong) was that as soon as you have the "installer", it should contain the game fully so you won'T need an internet connection to "use" the installer. And I agree.

Also it might be problematic: I cannot say if I am going to change how the packages are structurized. So at this case then we would need a new installer nontheless - but the old installer then again might not know if it's outdated ... except I'll leave some information sheet on the webserver giving version and compability info for installers .... uhm ... yeah ... no.
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Installer updated to v0.57.1 Smile
I had a 0.57.0 install on Win 7 left over from testing, so I decided to put the installer through its paces. Wink I uninstalled, and then ran the new 0.57.1 installer--it kept all my AddOns, missions, demos, and everything else. Never even touched a file in Explorer except to run the installer. You pwn, AFP! Cool
Thank you for the kind words Ryu!! I'm glad you found it useful! Smile (Also, call me lazy but I figured out it's very useful for copying D1 and D2 data...simply install it to a USB drive, and then uninstall it, and it will leave the data files...then you can easily copy them to another one of your computers Wink )
You mean better than copying the files themselves into the USB drive? That's way to much... Big Grin
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Lol!!! Well see then you have to go into the USB drive, and create two folders, one for Descent and one for Descent 2. Then you have to go find each of those on your hard drive and copy the files (which I have memorized, but if you don't you'd have to look them up) to their respective directories. Wink (Yeah I'm with it... Wink ) lol!!!
(07-21-2011, 12:28 AM)A Future Pilot link Wrote: [...] Then you have to go find each of those on your hard drive and copy the files (which I have memorized, but if you don't you'd have to look them up) to their respective directories. Wink [...]

On Linux, there're only two places those files could be, assuming you don't doof around with the "-hogdir" option: "/usr/local/share/games/d*x-rebirth" and "~/.d*x-rebirth". And you don't even need to remember those if you know Linux's filesystem hierarchy. On Windows, they could be anywhere ...

Yes, I just had to make a shameless plug for Linux. XD

EDIT: Actually, your installer puts the files in the place that's generally considered "correct" by Windows filesystem standards. So your installer makes things easy even for nerds who deal with files all the time. Wink
I did that cause I AM one of those nerds..Linux for Life!!! Wink
I just updated the link to change it to my own web server instead of dropbox...that way I can track the number of downloads Smile

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