Future and evolution of DXX' Multiplayer
I don't expect you to fix connection using the code.
I'm asking to make packet losing client to be treated in a bit less tolerant way by the game.

Actually there is a trick I still have up my sleeve and I have not yet revealed:
In the whole host-authorizing topic I have still a trick up my sleeve that I have not revealed, yet: Status packets. They are like the positional data but sent less often and are smaller, too. They require less packets to be covered by packet-loss-prevention (no resends needed). In a way they can possibly compensate the WiFi hickups a BIT better than packet resending can.

However they won't be able to fix that laggy clients are harder to hit - while of course those clients have the same problem with you. It's hard to judge whether you want to get rid of a player due to unreliable connection. The game throws you out after a complete radio silence of 5 secs. In the long run I could implement routines to see how many packets are lost in total (resent or not). Then I could provide an option for the host to kick a client if more than X% packets are lost in a span of Y minutes. That's a possibility but I am not very fond of this since I am not sure how reliable this will be and how much it'll be abused ... I still hope that my plans (above) will generally improve the situation. Even tho ... like I said I can't fix their connections - just try to provide the best groundwork possible. Then we can see how we deal with this.
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