DXX-Rebirth Tracker
Is it just me, or is there no current tracker, just dead ones and retro?

cant seem to find any CURRENT info...

i get this:

udp_dns_filladdr (getaddrinfo) failed for host dxxtracker.hopto.org
udp_dns_filladdr (getaddrinfo) failed for host dxxtracker.hopto.org
No ACK from tracker. Please check game log.
[Tracker] No response from game tracker. Tracker address may be invalid or Tracker may be offline or otherwise unreachable.
Same here. Can't get it to work for find any info.
dxxtracker.hopto.org was provided by AFP. Its DNS record seems to have expired.
FYI I've gotten in touch with AFP and we're going to be working on getting this back up on a new host (hopefully the same DNS though) some time tomorrow.  I'll post back here with the results if we can get it working. Smile
The tracker is back up and running again. There shouldn't be any interruptions going forward as I've setup a dedicated VPS for it.

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