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The tracker and Rebirth are working flawlessly with each other. Excellent work!
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Quote:The tracker and Rebirth are working flawlessly with each other. Excellent work!
Of course they are, hehe that tracker & the superb UDP support are the major improvements which 0.57 gave the project Smile

Hey every time i try to host a game and when i first go into gameplay there is always an error saying that my game port is likely not open
This probably means that your game port is not open. Honesytly: The tracker cannot communicate with you. You should take the steps that popup screen suggests. Most likely you gotta open the UDP port (on Firewall and/or Router) you selected for hosting. If that's not open you cannot host a game.
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i apologize for being such a spaz right now but what is a fire wall and what is the UDP Port on a router
Ask someone who knows around you, or show him/her these posts so as to tell you what to do. Long story if I read your question right. Smile
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Use Google xD

And this is what you will find lol Big Grin


UDP forwarding on a Router:

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Quote:You also might check your Capslock key. It seems to be broken as you only write in capital letters.

This doesn't generally cause network issues, but it's still good advice Big Grin

You may also find information about your specific router here: http://portforward.com/
zif: Why haven't they fixed that yet :S
Ralathar: Bug report it :p
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Thanks guys.

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