DXX-Rebirth Tracker
Yeah, I said it.

With the current trunk of Rebirth, you can create a networked game on the tracker. For this to work, you must have the game port that you host on open for UDP traffic. The Tracker will tell you if it's not open, just try starting a game, get into gameplay, and wait about ten seconds. You will get an annoying message saying bad things have happened, and most of the time it'll be a blocked port.. The rest of the time, I screwed something up.

To host a game on the tracker, start a net game just like any other. The game is tracked by default, and can be disabled in the advanced options menu. In order to join one of these games, one would search for LAN games just like any other. The tracker will give you a list of games there. Some of the F keys will provide extra functionality. F4 will give you a list of both, LAN and Tracker games, while F5 will list only LAN, and F6, only Tracker games. All of these keys also refresh the list.

For developers (mainly because KB won't let up, heh Smile) - I've provided a JSON list of games enumerated as a 2D array. Essentially it's just an array of games, and that game is an array with string-based keys, and values tied to them. I chose JSON because it's nicer than writing something myself (although I did have that, it was ugly), and many scripting languages provide bindings. Also, PHP was convenient at the time and saying I'm lazy is an understatement.

I don't check forums often, but if you like it feel free to say yay. If you figure I screwed something up (Don't worry, I figure I did too somewhere) - Drop me a line. You can send me an email through the forum here. I don't have private message notifications enabled, so if you send one and don't get a reply, bummer, heh.


Status page: http://dxxtracker.reenigne.net
JSON-Listing page: http://dxxtracker.reenigne.net/tracker.php
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Thank you VERY much!!! I love the tracker!! Smile
Hehe this is good, but very old news for me, but yeah I have been beta testing this for a few weeks now on my own network and yeah it really works like a charm, great work done there thanks t Matt1360, Zif and Zico for allowing this to be added.

Btw for your info, the tracker onlu works when a 0.57 beta is used!! so if there are 0.56 games hosted the tracker WILL NOT find these!

I also tried to join a hosted 0.56.0 game manually this can work when debug mode is enabled in your d2x.ini file, but some how you won't be ablle to join all the time, probably a version mis-match is still at play, obvious to some certain degree.

But! if you have 0.57 beta 8 for example then it is possible too track other 0.57 beta's with the tracker, UNLESS the tracker code has been changed to seek 0.57 WHQL games only, that is something I do not know yet.

@ matt1360

In my humble opinion you should enable private messaging since you took part of making this tracker, it is then wiser to enable it so when someone has something important to report they can send you a PM and maybe then you can aid them to a fix?

Making something and then ignoring the beta testers is something that we don't need or seek, it's like saying hey here is your tracker if you have iissues with it it's not my problem, because I could not care less... which reminds me of someone else .. some other dobey, right :rolleyes:

Personally, I think Zico has enough on his head anyways, it is wise to stand open to such things and remain open minded and aid the beta testers if needed to be.

I say this because not everyone has your email, this is the reason a forum has a Private Mesaaging system, sorry for my bold words, but I'm rather serious when I read the word lazy in a participant's post, that does really not fit this project.

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@Gold Leader,

Well, let's keep it a bit slow:
First and formost there is no "real" - i.e. controlled - Beta test currently neither public nor private. Everyone's invited to check out the development code and test it, send Feedback and so on. However NO current build should be considered BETA right now.

Sending an eMail here is just as easy as sending a PM. Just scroll right below my post... right here - exactly. Now to the left... yeah there's the PM button and just left of it... yes you got it - the EMAIL button. Just click it and you will be sent to a new page where you just type in a subject and below you type your message. Then click on SEND and the eMail is sent. That easy.

Have fun testing and playing around.
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Oh yeah but not everyone has their email listed readable too others, so likewise I mentioned PM since it's easier for the ones thatdon't know this , but okay, if that works as well then i'm fine with it,although matt should check the foorums more often ignoring the forums isn't like obvious imo, then it like making something and dumping it and letting it rot aside, this can make things very confusing.

Just don't like that kind of motive, it does not fit in, if I'd be working on something, I'd keep you up to date as much as I possibly can and the the forums for other sollutions, bug reports from others that involve my pproject and hereby stay informed with fresh data daily.

And thereby not dump it and not care about it anymore, then I'm like stop waisting yer time.

Sorry but it seems I am used to a much more active instinct and not a lazy one, meh, it's that I am daily busy testing this now, I guess being 100% disabled gives me all the time in the world rofl, but it does not mean that an other participant makes something in like a few hours and no longer support it anymore count as well, it would be wiser to support it everyway possible, enlighten the other testers keep it alive.

Anyways that is what i'do job or no job, everyone has free time to make soomething , so like wise this group can use thatfree time to support it and keep it alive as well Smile
Yay Tracker!

@Gold Leader: Wow. What the? Huh

@Matt: Work on the project and communicate any way you want. It's very much appreciated.

PS - I didn't have anything to do with the tracker - except for thinking it's awesome Smile
zif: Why haven't they fixed that yet :S
Ralathar: Bug report it :p
zif: I'll bug report you
@ Zif

Yups exactly, it's not some joke or something, it's great he made a tracker that works, really, nothing wrong with that! Big Grin

The laziness motive does not fit in the project, sorry.

Quote: "So here by, Matt should not ingnore this particular part of this website's usable option, imo that has nothing to do with laziness, it's called carelessness"

@GL: My opinion is that your attitude in this matter is quite disrespectful and rude.

*Edited only to add the quote because you changed your message.
zif: Why haven't they fixed that yet :S
Ralathar: Bug report it :p
zif: I'll bug report you
Quote:@GL: My opinion is that your attitude in this matter is quite disrespectful and rude.

It's called an opinion not an attitude Wink But okay you got a point, Iwas rather bold to one certain degree ; and yeah My apollogies for that, I will let you win there Cheesy

But mkay what evs, it's probably the drama them rangers left me with, that my reactions were rather bold, as for KoolBear's idea, why not fuse both idea's get best out of both world's I'd be like and seriously I think this would be the best move from this point Smile

Pick all the fruits from the tree when you get the chance, right Smile

Quote: So here by, Matt should not ingnore this particular part of this website's usable option, imo that has nothing to do with laziness, it's called carelessness

Okay I really do always hesitate to cause too much trouble since I think we can all go along here just fine but let me make something clear:

Basically you are totally right that when a user has some kind of problem, he/she will most likely reply here. So not checking this thread or the whole forum frequently might be sub-optimal.
I WILL give you this point.

Matt is not in ANY WAY obligated to do ANYTHING. He wrote the tracker. He tested it with me. He keeps an eye for the logs - and besides this is probably where he can get the MOST useful output from to debug the tracker but that's not to discuss here - and he also took time to write this all down, asking nothing more than you to READ what he wrote and just use the f'ing EMAIL button under his post if you got some problem.

IF ANYTHING it's lazy by a user NOT to use this button.

He's not active member of this project and he does not NEED to spend his free time here as *I* do not take time to visit EVERY SINGLE Descent forum and check if someone has a problem with Rebirth. You know we do not regulary get paid for this but - even if I now speak for Matt as well - often have other obligations that just don't give us so much free time to dedicate to this project, even if we want to.

Again, if there's a problem with the tracker, use the EMAIL button instead of just opening a thread. Period.

Now ___PLEASE___ let us continue using this thread for what it was MADE for.

An opinion can be disrespectful as well. Especially online people tend to forget that. Having an opinion often drives folks to the rudest expressions just because they don't see the faces of those they speak to.
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!

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