Something very old but very cool Nowegian D2 levels
Fixed it!! Smile

I discovered the problem only applied to robots for which I had increased the shield, (and only when they came from robot makers).

The reason may have been that I back in 2013 used different tools to edit robot statistics. The edited shield value for the robots in question should vary between 110 and 150.
In DLE they showed the value 4, and when I extracted the hxm file all four robots had ended up with the value 135.

I think the hxm file was corrupted, the boss didn't behave properly either.

I have now made a new hxm file for Planet Poet II with rbotedit.exe (which I also used for The House and Planet Poet) with all the correct values (and other changes).
And now everything works perfectly.

The new version of Planet Poet II is v2.00 and it is now available at my site:

I have also made a minor correction to The House. The latest version is v9.00. Smile

See also Planet Poet (14 levels). It did not need to be updated. It has been v9.00 for quite some time already.

I have now played through all my missions and it is very unlikely that there shall be any more changes.
(The version numbers are found in the accompanying text files. The info in the *.mn2 files is not updated since the tool I used for this does not work on my latest machine.)
Hello again.

I have made a new level for D2.

It is called The Garden.

Find it here:
And here is another one I just made.

The Beach.

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