Something very old but very cool Nowegian D2 levels
Hello Poet.

I want to add some words about narrow passages:

In the original DOS versions you all surely remember that the collision wasn't perfect. And I have to add: It still isn't in Rebirth. But I worked on it and it's WAY harder to slide inside walls - an effect which was easily possible in the original game, given some specific angles in which you had to tackle the walls.

So this might be the whole reason behind this.
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Thanks for the info Zico.

I have now uploaded the new version of The House.
The two passages have been widened (it's better that way in dos as well), and there are a very few other minor adjustments and improvements.
The House now plays perfectly with DXX Rebirth. So does Planet Poet which didn't need to be adjusted.
Oh man I remember that page!  I was looking at it years ago, like mid-late 2000s.
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Thanks for visiting Enzo.

I have now uploaded my latest mission, Planet Poet II.

I have made a few minor adjustments and improvements to Planet Poet II.
Version 1.1 is now uploaded.
Version 1.2 uploaded.

The final state of the game was too easy because there were too many invulnerability powerups to aquire.

I have reduced the number of invulnerability powerups sufficently so that the final state is adequately challenging.

It is very unlikely that there will be made more changes to Planet Poet II.
Should it happen however, the changes will be documented on this page:


My Descent II pages (add-ons/mods, robots and weaponry pages) are moving to a new URL:

The present pages (and their domain) goes down for good by the end of October 2015 (from what I have been informed).
Hello. Sorry about reopening an old thread but I wasn't sure where to post this.

I have recently replayed my Descent II mission Planet Poet II and I noticed again a problem I have seen before with certain robots disappearing when shot at with the gauss canon at certain stages in the level.

When reentering a wide open area four robot generating cubes are activated, each generating four different types of robots.
Some of the robot types, including the Bulk Destroyer (which uses gauss itself) vanish immediately when shot at with the gauss and possibly with missiles.
They don't explode and you receive no points.

Other robot types don't behave like this, and it does not happen at all when using other types of weapon.

What could be the reason for this, and is this a known problem?

When checking the mine in DLE I get no errors.


I have seen robots drop out of existence when forced into severely deformed segments. Are there any ill-formed segments in the area? In what version of Rebirth did you see this?
Thanks for the reply.

My version of d2x-rebirth is 0.57.3
That's probably not the latest version.

I can't say there are any deformed segments in the level.

Besides it only happens to robots from certain robot makers.
And then only some of the types of robots from these robot makers.
And then only when they are shot at with the gauss cannon or missiles, not with the vulcan cannon or laser, plasma etc.

They disappear immediately, not to appear again.
The same types of robots behave normally (when shot at with gauss etc.) in other parts of the level.

The robot makers in question, there are four of them, are situated in a wide open area surrounding a whole planet. 

You start in this area and everything behave like it should. The problem occurs when you reenter this outside area from inside the planet and at the same time activating these robot makers.

You can fly all around the planet in every direction. In eight places there are ice cliffs you can fly around but not above. They are connected to a shell like perimeter wall surrounding the whole game world with a dark blue ice texture giving the impression of deep space.

You find this mission and my others here:

Here is a picture of how Planet Poet II appears in the Descent Level Editor:
It's actually a lot bigger both outside and inside than this picture might suggest.

I have also recorded a few demos illustrating the problem but not posted them anywhere yet.

The level has been tested through on all difficulty settings except 'insane'.
There are no other problems. And like I said get no errors when checking the mine in DLE.


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