Something very old but very cool Nowegian D2 levels
Hi all Smile

Yesterday I came accross this website as I was seeking the name of the energy draining robot of Descent II which is named the:
E-Bandit Static Removal Droid:
[Image: ebandit.gif]

Which linked me to this page:

When I found this I contacted Zico imedietly via googletalk Smile
then I also came accross this!

A Table of Robts and Weaponary, the Descent 1 and Vertigo robots also have a picture & info page:

Descent 1 robots:

Vertigo Robots:

So later on Zico showed me a very cool Descent 2 level that same day, it's called Planet Poet from some Norwegian guy, it was from a website which I showed Zico about all the robot names and informatiosn from what systems they are from here's that webpage btw:

Planet Poet & The House are his levels, this data seems to be very very old, but then again them levels look fantastic here some screenshots of them:

Planet Poet:

The House:

I also asked if Zico would add this infomative page to the main DXX_Rebirth website in the links area, just something too cool to have around, I also made contact with the owner of these levels and gave him an invite to DXX-rebirth, heh who knows if he will coem right Wink

Now I'd say play them levels Pyro people!
Nice post! Thanks for the links.
zif: Why haven't they fixed that yet :S
Ralathar: Bug report it :p
zif: I'll bug report you
yeah norries man Smile

Well when I found it I was like , that is odd how could a descent fan like me never heard of this guy? ah well better late than never some say right Cool
Hello, this is Paal Olstad aka Poet, Norway, of Poet's Descent page.

The weekly report from my web provider showed me that my old Descent pages had had some visitors again, Smile and from where they came. So I just found your forum.

Gold Leader I see from your post that you have tried to contact me. Unfortunately I have not received any e-mail. It may have been accidentally deleted, in which case I'm sorry.

It's nice to see people taking interest in my levels, thanks for playing. Have fun. Smile


Hello Poet and Welcome to the DXX-Rebirth community.

It's really nice to have you here. Great work with the Descent levels. Still checking out the mods you made for other games. Especially Wolfenstein 3D. Time for some DOSBox at the weekend. Smile
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!
Hello zico.

Thanks for the welcome and the comments.
Ah well doesn't matter, you came here anyways hehe, So yeah man, welcome to the community of DXX-Rebirth Poet, your Planet Poet Campagn is very intense haha, damn it's hard sometimes to even just to find the exit in some levels like Level 04 for example haha shoot the boss and the hell breaks loose rofl.. haha Cheesy

It would be nice to see more campagn work from you, so far you have done some very nice leveling mate and hey I hope you will enjoy your stay too! :afro:
Yes I reckon it is rather intense. Smile When I used to play it I had of course the advantage of knowing where every trigger is, at least I knew, I'm not sure I can remember them all.
But if you should happen to want any hints I'll see if I can help out. Smile

I'm sure I will enjoy my stay, thanks. I'll see if I can get around to making more campaigns. Thanks for the comments again, and for playing.

hehe thanks for joining us Poet, we are always on the lookout for creative people like you, I am always in to the need of new campagns. D1X like D2X never gets boring, it's always a challenge to do.
Hello this is Poet again. Long time no post.

I finally got the time to play Descent II and some its mods again. Thank you very much for DXX Rebirth!

I then discovered that my mod The House had a couple of narrow passages where it was just possible to get through in the dos version, but not possible with DXX Rebirth.
I have fixed these passages so that The House is now perfectly playable with DXX Rebirth. I will have the new version of The House uploaded within a few days.
I shall also play through Planet Poet to see if it needs any similar fixes, though I doubt it.
I am also working on a new mission called Planet Poet II. It will be ready in a couple of weeks.



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