D1X-Rebirth in german language
We are still working on this. Wink
Seems that this comes to an end at last. Cool
Just a few requests if there are new suggestions. Should be done in a few days.
Here is the actual state of the "Briefing-scenes" project:

1st raw translation:--DONE
Improve optic:-------DONE
Correct misfits:------DONE
Correct misspellings:DONE
Create pps:----------DONE
Getting 5 tester:-----DONE
Send pps to them:---DONE
Discuss contens:----DONE
Rework translation:-SKIPPED
Initial Release:Checking with Zico how and when to release sensefully
Other resolutions:---To Do

There were no translations found that would be better than mine AND fit into the given space so the translation wasn´t changed in anyway.
OK, Zico is planning to implement special support for my project in his upcomming release. He can not promise it for 100%, but it looks good. So if this works this way we will offer my files same time as the release of the next D1X-R.

So I just can say: "Lets hope the best and prepare for the worst". Wink

Here is the actual state of the "Briefing-scenes" project:

Initial Release:---Possibly with the next D1X-R-release
Other resolutions:To Do
I will use the time until the release to work on the different resolutions. But its always the old story: Starting with it I realised the changing of the colourtables in the higher resolutions. This causes the text to have other colours than the original green sometimes (I guess you all have seen that effect Wink ).

And also you may have noticed that in some screens the text is hard to read because of that. I have several ideas to solve that but it will last some days to try out what idea will work best. I´ll keep you informed. Smile

Also I want to stress (again) that the support for higher resolutions of the german translation will not include bigger fonts. The written text will become again smaller (the same way you are used to see it in higher resolutions), but the text will be placed to the right positions of the screen and so will not "hanging around" somewhere in the middle of the screen.
My rework will also solve the missing tabs in the robotvideos and the missing space of the text to the borders of the screen in some screens.

The next upcomming question of you might be:"Why support for different resolutions? My text is everytime at the same position of the screen, no matter what resolution I am using."
This behaviour depends on a setting in your d1x.ini ("-menu_gameres") what is disabled per default. So all menus and all the cutscenes have everytime the same size, no matter which resolution is choosed.
But some player could have problems with that menus and are forced to switch "-menu_gameres" on (Like me for a long time). Really important for this project are just "320x200" and "Standartmenu" for a "normal usability" of the translation, but I just want to give to everyone the possibility to see the translation in a "good way". Even to the poeple who need to switch "-menu_gameres" on to get their D1X-R working.

Zico is thinking about support of bigger fonts (not knowing if this is realizeable yet Wink ). If he will be successfull there will be no more need for my interim solution. But until that my "support" for higher resolutions will make the enjoying of the written text a little bit more convenient.

Here is the actual state of the "Briefing-scenes" project:

Initial Release:---Possibly with the next D1X-R-release
Other resolutions:In process
---640x400:-------To Do
---640x480:-------To Do
---800x600:-------To Do
-1024x768:-------To Do
1280x1024:-------To Do

Some of you might ask: And what about 320x400 and 1600x1200?
320x400 looks so terrible on my screen (wrong ratio) that I can not imagine someone will using it. 1600x1200 is not working on my 17"-monitor so I can not see where I would place the text. Sorry for that. The day I will buy a new Monitor (could last long) I will hand it in afterwards.
How awfull, all the ideas that I like most seem not to work the way I hoped they would do, but my testings are going on. :?
Hehe imagine what I needed to do to test resolutions on 3xxx*2xxx Wink

If you can't do that, don't mind.
DXX will get scalable fonts in a not too distant future (remember the scalable cockpit / font issue).
So every font, even those in the menus will be scaled then, too.
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!
Nice to read you, Zico. And this are good news because to have the text at the right position on screen is one thing, to need a lens to read it is another afair.
Nevertheless I will work on this until this great achivement will be built in in DXX-R or you tell me it will come with the next release.
Well, I plan this scalable fonts feature for a long time but it's more work than I expected because the position of the scaled fonts is wrong in some places and currently I don't know which function causes that.
Another thing is the decision if we use the old fonts and scale them or create complete new, scalable ones.

Both possibilities have their own pros and cons. Scaling the original fonts will be the most original look and not that much work. But scaling fonts will probably make them not look that smooth as you know them. I found a way to improve the scaling but it's not perfect, yet.
Complete new fonts would cause major changes on the game-code I would prevent if possible...

However If the scaled fonts are done there is no need for -menu_gameres or anything like that anymore. The whole game would have unique sizes for every element, no matter which resolution. This is the "perfect aim" I want to reach.

I can't promise anything for the next release now.
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!
I would prefer origin looking fonts (I guess you are sure that I would write this Wink ).
If this is not doable with the origin Descent-fonts I believe to remember that freeware-tools exists, where everyone can create his own fonts.

If we really need fonts with a new and bigger size and there is no other possibility I would offer to create them in the needed size. Even if the normal way of creating fonts will not work I will have a try. If there is no other way I will do it pixel for pixel by hand.

I know this is much work just for some letters (and it is the same for the translation of the cutscenes), but descent is not just playing the game for me, it is also its complete surrounding. That means all what belongs to give this fantastic atmosphere of the game. For me the "backgroundstory" even with the "right" fonts belong to this.

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