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Small step for me and a much smaller step for DXX:

D1X (and D2X tomorrow hopefully) finally has scalable fonts (in the OpenGL version).
This was more than hell to implement it and it's not as I wanted it and it will probably never be.

First of all the fonts do not scale on EVERY resolution. They do only scale if the resolution is the double of that one the resolutions are made for. So the HiRes fonts just scale at 1280x960 for example. This is related to the strict use of integer values submitted to the font related functions. Integer values do not care about commas and because of this even a scale value of 1,9 is hadled as a 1. I could still improve this but this would require new types for the values. These would eat more space. Not much, you would not notice (is you have less than 128 MB of RAM, I guess). But tis little space would be required for every single letter seen on the screen. From this point on you WOULD notice it. And it would also be if you disable the font scaling (which will also be possible). So for me it's not worth to do this. At least  it will be a great improvement for very high resolutions. Now even the original D1 fonts are readable again.

So no need to make a scaling in your translation, Sniper. Wink

The second problem is the code used to scale up the fonts does break the current code for showing up the credits. Additionally the current credits stuff eats way too much CPU power because it's crap after all...
So I plan to rewrite it and let the credits show up in a complete new way.

Still so much to do. So

stay tuned
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
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Still on hard work. (We're not dead, yet Wink )

Currently I try to rewrite the resolution related stuff in D2X. The introduction of variable resolutions - that CAME from the D2X code - messed it up completly. D1X ate it very good on the other side. Nevertheless there is a need for some fixes there, too.

D2X on the other side needs serious rewriting. It's too stuck into the ususal HighRes and LowRes menus while D1X was made to have variable menus. I already made the fundament but there is stilll a long way to go.

After that I'm planning to improve the cockpit and HUD code. As you know the fonts will never scale pixel-correct. And as you currently see the shield and energy values are not always shown exectly in the middle of the cockpit bitmap. Be promised, this will one thing of many that will change. And I also hope I can do real cool stuff with the weapon boxes as well.

If THAT if finished D1X will finally get PhysFS. This is a step I wanted to go for a long time but since you players do not profit directly from this I dropped it...
As I dropped many other things and always wanted to do them for another version...

All this dropped stuff now results in this massive delay in the release cycle. But I WILL do all these things for THIS upcoming version.
The get sure the stability is preserved I hope Sniper will be BETA-tester again. There are so many canges right now so I can't make sure they will work perfectly all alone.
I never thought DXX-Rebirth would be such hard work, but I wasn't aware of the big code differences between the two games. This difference affects partially the game engine but mostly the changes the D1X and D2X developers did on their seperate ways.

As said I'm still working hard to get rid of all this but it will still take time. I know I'm writing this in every thread but just be patient.

On the good side I'm already impressed how DXX has changed since the last version. Not so many things you can see while playing but there are TONS of changed code-lines. Things that will make my work easier in the future.

stay tuned
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!
I will do betatesting. (I must be a fool). I know this will lead much pain on me and my nights will become sleepless.
Thank good I am nearly ready with my translations (except Vertigo) so that I can lead my complete care on betatesting.
Once again I made a small step in DXX.
I just improved the whole resolution related stuff in DXX.

There are some new points:
- DXX (so D1X and D2X) use menus in game-resolution as default from the time you select your pilot
- You can also specify ANY resolution for the menus (even for the elements before you select your pilot) by using the "-menuXxY" switch in command-line / INI so after all you can prevent all the annoying screen changes
- DXX now saves resolutions and shrinked Game window correctly. There were some bugs with this before
- You can specify a free aspect by using -aspect16x9 for example. The bad side is: It does not accept float variables Sad So no 16x7.5 or something. I'm very sorry about this Sniper. I hope 16x7 or 16x8 will fit on your laptop as well.

The BAD thing about this fixes is: The new version will NOT work with your current pilot profiles. In fact it CAN work with them but you need to reset your resolution as well as your controls or the game WILL crash.

I'm testing this stuff around a bit and submitting this to my SVN tomorrow. Was much work but I'm glad it finally works now.

Then I'm going to improve the cockpit code and finally implementing PhysFS to D1X.
Much has been done, much will still come.

Then I need to ask Sniper if e is willing to take a bit more work for me:
The command-line option in D1X and D2X need to be improved. The structure is very bad and you can't see a real structure in it. I hope Sniper is willing to take this bit of work so we can improve it - and the resulting INI file.

stay tuned
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!
What ever you want me to do, Master... what ever you want me to do... :-D

And about the free aspect... I am satisfied with normal digits. Floating point is no need. I guess even me (I want all to work 100%) will not really see the difference. So your actual solution should work
Couldn't a person just express 16x7.5 (for example) as 32x15? I don't see why floats are necessary there at all, assuming the game can accept unusual ratios when expressed as fractions.
Yeah Sniper figured this out yesterday.
Such things happen if I do not to see the wood for the trees

In that case it's good I improved that code a bit because the "last" revision stopped at values of 16. Smile
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!
Zico, you are my hero.
And last but not least... hi paul Cool
As you already probbly have read:
I'm still there. And I don't care if you are happy with that. :evil:

Last weeks I spent my time doing lots of resolution related work. This includes Fully scalable coccpit and HUD. There we can now speak about fonts and the original reticle.
Additionally DXX can now handle the fully scalable menus much better.
The Software mode - better known as SDL-mode - has been improved as well. Since it will be still very slow on non-32Bit x86 archs, much has been done in terms of stability, fixing glitches and bugs.
The SDL version will be ready when this releae is finished. Currently I only plan to release it here in the forums because I hadn't much time to test it as hard as possible.

I know this version I currently the one that took and still takes most time until finish. I'm sorry for that. My current version already COULD be ready for public but believe me: it's worth waiting. I'm in VERY good moods to get a release within October or early November.
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!
I ´m looking forward to that!

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