Vertigo-Series in german
I get some requests about this and it just consequential to give the only official add on for D2 also this chance.
After the translation of D2X, where no rework because of different resolutions is necessary anyway, when D1X with scaleable fonts is available and I did the necessary changings because of this fonts I will translate the popular Vertigo-Series also.

I don´t want to lie to you. This time I did no websearch and asked noone, but I would be very surprised if the Vertigo-series gets an german translation when noone did this to D1 and D2 until the last month.

Anyway... because of the requests and some other reasons I decided to make this on my own (again Cool )

Seems to be possible that the translations of D1X and D2X will be out with that release of DXX-R, what gives special support to my files (hopefully it will be the next release), but I guess this will not be possible for the Vertigo-Series-translation.
But this is one more reason to look forward to its finishing for the german users to have the same pleasure with the Vertigo-Series as with the german translated D1X-R and D2X-R. Big Grin
OK, "finding" the tools to do this at my PC and have a look to ther Vertigo-Intro I decided it is a good time to finish this. The first step is done and I hope to get this done until end of October. We will see. :-D

Proof of concept:DONE
Raw translation:-processing
And here is the actual state of the D2X Vertigo-translation:

Proof of concept:DONE
Raw translation:-5%

I hope to translate every working day a little bit so the progress should be relative continuously. :-D
Back again, and...

Proof of concept:DONE
Raw translation:-10%
And here is the actual state of the D2X Vertigo-translation:

Proof of concept:DONE
Raw translation:-15%
And here is the actual state of the D2X Vertigo-translation:

Proof of concept:DONE
Raw translation:-20%

This project will pause a little bit because of the betatestings of DXX-R 0.53. After this version will be released as stable I will start again to translate the vertigo-series.
Til there are some things left in the MP of DXX-R 0.53 this project will pause a little bit longer.

Thank you for your understatement. :-D
The Vertigo-Translation will go on.

But it will have slow progress because I'm stucking in several projects right now. But the plan is to spend a little bit time (just one day) in each of this projects but so they will all go on and come to an end. It has a little bit of "Duke Nukem whenever".  :-D
OK, thanks to Moon this comes to a lucky ending.
He translated Vertigo to german.
His way to translate differs a little bit to mine but he did a good Job and it is just fair to mention that I think his style is fitting better to the hard style of Vertigo than mine.
Thank you Moon for your help bringing DXX-R a step forward.

We hope to add support for external txb-files of additional missions (what Vertigo at last also is) in D1X-R 0.54.

Hope for the best and prepare for Descent
Support will be added during 0.54-BETA-phase.
Still not sure which convention I will follow here.
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