D1X high-res-pictures and wrong colour of text
Process of rebuilding: 82%
Process of rebuilding: 92%
Process of rebuilding: 99%

Its nearly done but while rebuilding I faced some unexpected strange behaviour I wasn´t able to solve yet.
I believe it depend on something of the D1X-code. So I will contact Zico via eMail hoping we can fix this together.

I will keep you informed asap.
Process of rebuilding: DONE

OK, I guess it is done. Seems to work. The problem wasn´t a problem but just a small mistake of mine.

Zico will implement this work into his next release. So stay tuned, from the next release of D1X-R you will have green texts with the highres-pictures. Cool
OK Guys, D1X-Rebirth 0.50 is out and it shows the text of the high-res-intro in all its glory... and in the origin green colour.
The only (and very important) thing is, you MUST use the high-res-pictures provided with the 0.50 . You MUST NOT take your old high-res-pictures. It WILL NOT WORK with the old high-res-pictures.

OK, have fun and enjoy.  :-D
I also provided a new hires pictures download in the Resource section of the page: v2. It contains the new pictures as well.
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Ahhh... good to know. I expected you replacing the old files with the new one but I was´nt sure if you had replaced them already.

So folks: Every D1X-high-res-pictures you can get in our Forum should do the job.  :-D

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