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What do you think about DXX-Rebirth
(11-14-2017, 11:11 AM)Descender1032 Wrote: Ok, thanks! I'll try it out sometime for sure.

As for secret exits and full, "bonus" secret levels - will there be no conflicts in the HOG mission if I try to put both types of secret levels in it? I'm still not quite sure how to assign the a secret level to a particular teleporter, or to a secret exit, but I'm wondering if these two types could get somehow pooled into a single bunch for the game to choose from and therefore require some advanced workarounds.

Thanks for this information . Because my younger brother use to play a lot but always get stuck on this ..
if you die once in the secret level, you still get sent to the next one, unlike D1 secret levels, which you can attempt as many times as necessary, just like any regular level.

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