My first SDLDevil level :-)
Now after a lot of coding I finally found some time actually using my editor Smile

This is a "straight forward" Descent 1 Multiplayer level, small / medium sized. All weapons except mega missile Smile. Architecture is simple but not blocky.
The bottom area with those pillars is inspired by the battle room seen on castle de le muerte and other levels.

[Image: howlow1.png]

[Image: howlow2.png]

[Image: howlow3.png]

[Image: howlow4.png]

The structure reminds me a bit of Tribyss Omega. Which I like a lot. You shoudl make Singleplayer levels, too so I get the chance to play with my program as well. Big Grin
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Tribyss Omega - this sounds familiar, I think I got this with levels of the world.
A D1 Singleplayer is almost finished. Just the reactor room is missing. I started that with the original devil very long time ago and will finish it with SDLDevil.
A single player level or mission (level pack)? I have to say it's some pretty impressive work there. Reminds me of how far behind I have come to be in mission building... Tongue
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I like it Big Grin. its fun looking, and feels good flying so far.
(05-15-2012, 12:54 AM)Trent Hawkins link Wrote: A single player level or mission (level pack)?

Originally I wanted to create a 5 level + 1 secret mission ... 2 levels are finished... I thought about releasing those levels separately because I don't know if or when I do the other levels...

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