DXX-R Documentations
Hey guys. Because a lot of people asked for and the DXX-R-team is convinced of it's importance I will start with a documentation for DXX-R.
It will start with an installationguide, later on explanations about the menus and the inis will follow.

But it will have slow progress because I'm stucking in several projects right now. But the plan is to spend a little bit time (just one day) in each of this projects but so they will all go on and come to an end. It has a little bit of "Duke Nukem whenever".  :-D
OK, Vertigo is done (thanks to Moon) and now I hope to push this a little faste than some other projects before.
I was owning the first release of Descent and the Ultimative Collection, but to have full access to all three "most sold" "distributions" I bought the Venture Pack some days ago.

Now I will try out step by step and distri to distri in real to give all of you hard, true and wellworking facts how to install DXX-R to the most OS.
(Ooohhhh God, why me every time???)

You all know what must follow in this sentence... I'm afraid it will take a little time but I will keep you informed on all my progress. Cool
I link myself into this project now as well so expect updates from us both on that side. SURPRISE, Sniper!
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!
Thats marvelous. You will take the Windows-part and I will do it for Linux and Mac. ROFL.

(I`m sure this would lead directly into judgement day :-D)
Just that you can see I'm not without ANY action.
Installed Descent 1 in Version "origin", "DC" and "VP" to Windows 95 and had no Problems with this (what a surprise Wink)
Don't want to fool you. This could be interesting for patching matters and so it don't just cover the part install but can bring informations for a complete manual that will follow after the "install.txt".

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