Pending projects
Quick update on current projects:

- I hoped to get some guidebot changes in this week.
- Instead, I spent time chasing down an issue caused by a system library upgrade (new PhysFS behaves a bit differently in a corner case that matters to me), and more time on a report that seems to be an issue with how the user installed the program, rather than a bug in the program itself.
- Hopefully this weekend, the guidebot changes will go in. If they work, they will allow guidebot in cooperative games. This was requested quite a while back, but was rejected at the time because the proposed implementation appeared very likely to desynchronize.
Is this related to the save game issue we were having in Coop on the latest build? (I am assuming someone reported it).
No. There are no known savegame issues for which I can do any investigation. There is an open ticket Descent 1 Coop Loading Saved game bug Blue Boxes unable to shoot awaiting additional information.

The associated screenshot might have had useful information in it, if it had been saved by the game as a PNG and posted without alteration. It was cropped, watermarked, and converted to JPG, so any metadata in it was lost.

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