Amiga 68k port (RTG)
Thought some of you guys might be interested to see my latest port of v0.58.1 to Amiga 68k using the SDL library I hacked together Wink

Thanks for the work on DXX Rebirth, great source port and very easy to get working on other platforms using the SDL.
Interesting work. How are you doing with tracking master? 0.58.1 is old and unsupported.
(04-17-2019, 01:25 AM)Kp Wrote: Interesting work.  How are you doing with tracking master?  0.58.1 is old and unsupported.

Not as old as an Amiga  Cheesy

I used a supremely archaic version of gcc to build this and didn't feel brave enough to try and port a newer version than 0.58.1.

Another problem is the lack of CPU power in these old machines, even version 0.58.1 is pretty much unplayable on real hardware so anything 'heavier' would be well and truly pointless.

I just wanted to do it because it could be done  Cool
The build times for newer versions have gotten much longer (sorry; it happened incrementally), but runtime performance should be about the same, or maybe better. There are various things in the code that I cleaned up so that the new version is smaller and more efficient. You would need at least gcc-4.9 to build current code, which may be too new for your target system.

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