Multiplayer player ship visuals messed up
Problem 1: In multiplayer, the player's ship orientation does not match visually where they are actually aiming. The ship visuals jump around a bunch and it looks really weird.

Here's a recording of the client, holding down 2 keys: turn left, and shoot:
It does this for any direction you turn or rotate.

Problem 2: Sometimes the server's ship is invisible. This is especially problematic for anarchy games. I don't know why it is sometimes invisible and sometimes not. I haven't tested any variables.

This applies to both D1 and D2.

The last build I tried without these problems was 209, back in December. I stepped away from the game for 3 months, and noticed them on build 320. I haven't gone through history to find out when they started exactly, but it was some time between 209 and 320.
This sounds like the polygon renderer gets confused.

What do you mean by "build"? There have not been any prebuilt binaries posted in a long time. Are you referring to the number in the version string, such as 0.60.0-beta2-321-g87125c505354? That's about the right value, so I suspect so.
Correct, I mean the version number displayed at the bottom of the menu screen. I apologize, I'm not very familiar with the proper terminologies.
That's fine. Development has been proceeding slowly lately, so your description is unambiguous. When practical, it would be better if you include the full version string. That gives me: most recent tag (0.60.0-beta2), literal dash, number of commits since that tag, literal dash, literal g, partial commit ID of the specific commit used (useful if development branched since the tag).

For your earlier report, I parse it as being that commit 0.60.0-beta2-320-g3a6bfb8dd621fe469064db5379151f15fdae967f: Reduce use of vcobjptr in newdemo is known bad, commit 0.60.0-beta2-209-ga705104e8412573f8bce26625bc4fffa42b2da9d: Check PHYSFS_init return value is believed good, and the intervening 110 commits are unknown. (Don't worry about the extra characters in my tag form. I generated those specially to make them clearer. Yours would be shorter when the build system generates them on its own.)
Confirmed. Factor out vms_quaternion_from_matrix division introduced this with an unintended integer truncation. Fix integer truncation in quaternion setup fixes it. Ship orientation could be wrong regardless of firing weapons, but it was most obvious when you saw someone firing lasers in an impossible direction.

Please fetch and test.
Thank you for the explanation, I will try to follow that from now on.

Both problems are confirmed fixed for both D1 and D2. Thanks!!

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