ifdef NDEUBG bug
In ./d1x-rebirth_v0.58.1-src/main/render.c, 2 #ifdef's are mis-spelled.
line 1706 and line 2005.
They read #ifndef NDEUBG, but should read #ifndef NDEBUG.
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Thank you for the report. However, you are a bit late. I fixed this in March 2013 with commit Move */main/render.c -> similar/main/render.c, where I folded the d1x and d2x versions of the file together, preferring obvious fixes in d2x where the files differed. I suggest you use current code, available in the branch master.

We should also credit btb for fixing this in d2x in April 2003 with fix misspellings of NDEBUG. That commit may have been him proxying a patch from Ingo van Lil, based on the changelog entry added at the same time. If he had not done that fix, and the error had been present in both files, I might not have caught it using text difference analysis during my merge. The code base was far too large to read by hand, so my merges relied on tools telling me where files differed.

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