Recommendations for Best Custom Single Player Levels for Descent 1 and 2?
As everyone well knows, Doom, its sequels, and its cousins (Heretic, Hexen, Strife), have 20+ years of custom single-player levels designed for them. So what are some great single-player levels for Descent 1 and 2 that you guys recommend??
Not a single reply to such a simple question after a month and a half? Is everyone here asleep?
I'm awake. I just don't have any useful feedback for your question.
Hi Master O.
TBH, and if you have noticed, these forums are not as active as before. But now that I got the time to visit them and check your post, I think I got some Single-Player campaigns I can recommend for you. All of them can be found at the Descent Mission Data Base (

For Descent 1:

Descent Vignettes -
Orion Nebula Project -
Ironblade -
Ironstar -
Revenge O' Dravis -

For Descent 2:

Plutonian Shores -
The Enemy Within -
Obsidian -
Konflict at Karon -
Kryllidian Krusade -
Entropy Experiment -
Entropy Experiment 2 -
Phobos Encounter -
Project: Mandrill -

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