Mouselook lag
I recently started playing Rebirth again after many years and I'm wondering if there is a way to make the mouse movement more responsive. Even with the mouse sensitivity for turn and pitch seemingly maxed, it makes movements more significant but still feels like there is considerably more lag than I remember.
Did you enable mouselook in the controls dialogue? The ship should be excessively responsive if you did. When that is enabled, I can easily spin the view faster than I can bear to watch.
I'm not seeing it as an option in v.0.58.1. My system is old and the latest beta doesn't run for me. Am I simply not seeing it? Is there a previous version that retains support for Windows before 7 that has the mouselook feature if it's not in 0.58.1? Even the oldest 0.60 from 06/14/17 produces:

d2x-rebirth.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point inet_ntop could not be located in the dynamic link library WS2_32.dll.
0.58.1 was released Aug 3 2013. Mouselook was added Mar 25 2017. So, no, you will not see it in 0.58.1.

The inet_ntop requirement was introduced Mar 25 2017, the same day as the mouselook feature. This made Windows Vista the minimum required version for Rebirth. (Windows XP was unsupported by Microsoft as of April 2014, almost three years earlier.) inet_ntop was made built-time optional Apr 22 2017. Builds after that date only require it if IPv6 is enabled. If IPv6 is disabled, then it is used if found in the system headers and not used if not found. However, even builds which require inet_ntop are compatible with Windows Vista.

Found what I was looking for here.

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