could not input caps lock as slide left or any other key
I suggest that it is added so that you can use caps lock as a key for sliding left, I used to use it in the original descent version for sliding left...I actually had to remap it in the registry to left shift so it wouldn't act as a toggle(in dosbox) as for the option of using it in d1xx i was not able to use it...thanx

I used a sidewinder to play descent on kali but i always used keys for sliding my controls were
f= accelerate
v= reverse
caps lock= slide left
tab= slide up
Rshift= slide down
space= slide right
q=bank left
e= bank right
a= flare
s= fire primary
d= fire secondary
w= map
I didn't use anything on the joystick except for pitch...heh it's confortable once you get used to it...i both love and hate the mouse tweaks.'s like owning a space orb..i used one on kali back in the 90's  and everyone thought of that as 'cheating' atleast i'm comfortable with keys Smile
This already works. Pass -nostickykeys on the command line or set the SDL environment variable to disable sticky keys. Then you can configure capslock in the usual Controls dialog.

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