Project status?
It sounds like your observer interface more matches Descent 3's paradigm than Jinx's. That's not a bad idea, and was probably easier to implement netcode-wise. In Descent 3 that worked because of the 32 player limit, but in D1 the downside will be that if you have many observers, you can't have a big anarchy game.

The frame-locked stuff is a nightmare, and what's worse is that people don't agree on it. A few people in the DCL community would love to see fusion shake returned to how it was in the old days, ie: more shake. But there's no agreement on whether this should be done at all, or even how.

Another stuck object issue that happens occasionally is fusion getting stuck on walls. You can even run into it and take damage, it's annoying. I've never seen stuck flares on open doors though.

One of the challenges for me working on Retro is that I have vastly more git experience than Drakona does. There's been times she's managed to completely overwrite some of my changes on accident, no attempt at a merge. I actually keep my work in a separate repository (roncli/DXX-Retro, not considered production-quality code!) and then merge it back to the main repository when I've completed a feature or a full version.


As for Retro... since Drakona's been on hiatus with new family, it's pretty much been just me, with Sirius helping port the observer code to Descent 2. And I also have a number of other projects going on, including the Overload Teams League (, The Observatory (, out of date by about 2 months, I should probably fix that soon!), and my own streaming endeavors (, so I'm not always working on Retro.

The current goal is a full 1.4 release, and that release is to include a complete observer mode for both D1 and D2, along with a new game mode for D2 we're calling "Capture the Flag Classic", another of Jinx's ventures. This is basically D3's version of Capture the Flag.

We're currently putting a ton of polish on observer mode. The current interface you see on The Observatory has been overhauled to provide more information, with each bit of information available fine-grained in observer options. We already have some stats including streaks and runs, time since kills/deaths, a kill feed (similar to Overload's), and a graph of kills that appear at specified intervals (shows when someone reaches a multiple of 5 kills for the first time, also in 1v1 shows after 20 kills because 1v1 games are typically game to 20 win by 2). We also have planned stats that show damage stats broken down by source... for 1v1 I'm going to add a "kill summary", and for all observer game modes we'll have an end of game summary as well.

CTFC should be rather simple, I plan on adding to the original CTF mode so that you can do either of them if you want. CTFC basically will take CTF and make some important changes: 1) Flags always spawn in your team's base, AKA the goal cube (Not sure if you can have multiple goals, but CTFC won't be compatible with that if so). 2) Outside of your team's base, your team can capture your own flag to reset it to your team's base. 3) You can only score your opponent's flag when your team's flag is in base. 4) Team scoring will be 1 point per flag, 0 points per kill. Individual scoring will remain unchanged (5 per flag, 1 per kill).

After 1.4 is fully released, I am probably going to stop working on that code base except for major bug fixes. At that point I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. Retro 2.0 *is* an option, so if I go that route I'll be sure to let you folks here know. Smile

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