Project status?
Yes, stable-0.60.x is the source for the 0.60 betas, and is where I expect the 0.60 release to come from. (Aside: I never asked for write access to anything on the domain, so I can't post Windows binaries here even if I wanted to deal with that.)

Yes, it was completely independent of Jinx's work. I never looked at his. My implementation makes observers invisible/immaterial (like they used the ghostphysics cheat, but with a secondary hack to prevent them accidentally exiting the level prematurely). It isn't identifier locked, but does consume slots on a 1-for-1 basis, so you get at most 8 humans in a game, with any combination of combatants and observers you want drawn from that set of 8.

Cleaning up all the frame-locked logic is another thing I'd like to see done, but I'm reluctant to even put it on the roadmap with all the other big projects sitting there.

Stuck objects is something I looked at within the last few months. It refers to flares (and anything else with PF_STICK, but I think just flares) that were set to zero speed and not deleted when they hit a door. Obsolete stuck objects deals with flares that are stuck in doors that have opened, so the flare just hangs in the air where there once was a door to support it. I eliminated that logic and prune the flare when the door opens instead of trying to garbage collect the flares later. I think that old versions of one of the engines had a theoretical bug with obsolete stuck objects that could let it delete things that weren't actually stuck flares.

Yes, rebasing Retro would likely mean rewriting most of its changes on top of a current Rebirth branch. That is a significant task on its own, and is likely made harder by the lack of good information explaining what you should change and why. Even ignoring the file reorganization, I'd be surprised if any non-trivial Retro changes still applied to the Rebirth source without manual fixups. Too many lines have been touched since then. If you want to try it, start small and keep your commits easy to read. That will make it easier to maintain them long term.

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