Rebirth getting weird control types and changing HOG files
That is the exception log, not the memory dump. The dump should be generated automatically when the log is written, and the message box telling you about the log will also report the path to the memory dump. However, dump support is optional. Some builds lack it. If your build lacks it, it will not be generated nor mentioned in the message box. I know AFP produced at least one build without dump support, but I thought he subsequently fixed that and posted builds with dump support.

Regardless, that log confirms that the client mismatched on the level integrity checksum. Now we need to know who was right: the host or the client. Since you say that the host needs to restart to clear this, my guess is that the host is wrong and the client is right. If the client was wrong, the forced restart associated with that exception would have cleared the issue. Is this problem reproducible with the latest code? Is it reproducible in 0.58.1? If you swap host and guest, does the error stay with the computer or follow to the new host?
Gonna be away from the computer for about a week; I'll test as soon as I can.
Remembered this was a thing after it happened again in a different mission. It is a host-independent error that does not occur in 0.58.1; I have not tested in newer versions of the game.

I have however traced the issue to dying while trying to escape. Apparently when the guest dies, only he gets the error; when the host dies both get the error. I have not tested when both people fail to escape.
There is a known issue in the 0.60 beta2 associated with dying while escaping. It was previously reported by Ninjared in CTD if not exit mine in multiplayer. I fixed that in Hide game window when advancing a dead player to the next level (December 2018). This commit was months after the beta you are using, which is why I always encourage reporters to test the latest code. Please test the latest code and report whether you still encounter a crash.

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