Different sample rate sounds in D1X-Rebirth
Hey everyone!

Got a question I haven't seen answered yet. I play Descent 1 with the Mac data because of the higher resolution HUD, but unfortunately the sound effects pack provided for it is pretty bad, with a lot of the sounds with lots of clicks. I don't know if the SFXs in the Mac version were that bad or if it's a problem with the extraction/conversion of them.

Anyway, there are many Descent 1 sounds in higher quality in Descent 2 and I wanted to use them in D1X-Rebirth. The sound effects from the pack are in raw format, so the sample rate in which they are played is defined somewhere else, so replacing those would do no good. Is D1X-Rebirth hardcoded to play every sample at 11,025 Hz or is it possible to use higher quality ones?
all of the proper MACDATA patches are in this thread...


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