[d1x/d2x 0.60 beta 2 - Windows] Game won't launch
Thanks for the quick reply. The debug text files, gamelog.txt, stderr.txt, and stdout.txt were all empty but their dates kept getting updated each time I hung the program.

I found a program that triggered a system crash recommended on the nVidia site and used that to generate a complete memory dump while Descent Rebirth hung in the background. I'm uploading the RAR compressed version (as advised) of the memory dump as well as the 8 GB original to google drive. I'll leave it there until I hear back that you've downloaded either version you prefer. I'll post a new reply when it's available.

Thanks again!
Here's the Memory dump, I figured my laptop would do your bandwidth the least amount of damage. Since my desktops dump would be 32GBs...

Uncompressed: MEMORY.DMP (8GB)
Compressed: MEMORY.RAR (2GB)
Hello. First of all, THANKS! for all of your work. Me and my friends have also experienced the issue where v60 stops working after windows update 1809. We have copied over the v58 libphysfs.dll, so thanks for that as well. However, I noticed that earlier in this thread, if I understood correctly, you mentioned that the latest version of PhysFS has a fix for this issue. Therefore, I was wondering if you would be so kind as to post an that updated (v3 ?) dll so we can download and use the latest and greatest version of the dll. If that would be possible, it would be much appreciated. And again, thanks for all your work.
@ChrisHale: indeed, the reduced size is appreciated. While I can work with a full system dump, I was actually hoping for just an application dump, which would be much smaller. It will be a few days before I can spare the bandwidth, even so. Before I fetch it, I should warn you that potentially anything that was in memory on that system since your last reboot might be in the dump. If you did anything sensitive, you might want to purge that dump, boot clean, and produce a new one. (This is the other reason I prefer application dumps: they show me only what you did in the game, so I don't have to worry about stumbling into personal data from other programs.)

@kaiju: I believe the latest physfs source has a fix, yes. I don't post binaries of anything Windows-related. That is all on A Future Pilot. I'm not aware of anything in physfs 3 that you would likely care about though, so if the physfs 2 from 0.58.1 works for you, you can continue using that.

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