Error: Could not find a valid hog file
Hi, I downloaded Rebirth for Mac and the original game (Descent 1) from GOG. I installed the game using GOG Galaxy. I created a new folder on my Applications and copied the Rebirth files and the .hog & .pig from the original game. But when I try to open D1X Rebirth I get the Error message " Error: Could not find a valid hog file...". I already tried to rename the files using lowercase.
Please post the full layout of where you placed each of these things. Anonymize paths as necessary, but show us the relation of application to data. Which version of Rebirth are you using? What output is produced if you pass -verbose when you run Rebirth?
In my Applications folder ("my disk" > Applications) I created a new folder called D1X, there I copied the files from the D1X-Rebirth vo.58.1 : Mac OS X Package. Those files are: CHANGELOG.txt; COPYING.txt; D1X Rebirth; Missions (empty folder); README.txt and RELEASE-NOTES.txt. In the same D1X folder I created, I copied DESCENT.HOG and DESCENT.PIG. These two last files I took them from the original game I bought from GOG and installed using GOG Galaxy, so the path to find them was: "my disk" > Applications > Descent 1 > Contents > Resources > game > Descent > Contents > Resources > Descent.boxer > C Descent.Harddisk.

Now, having my D1X folder containing the rebirth and game files I tried to open D1X Rebirth and I got the message:
Sorry, a critical error has occured.
Error: Could not find a valid hog file (descent.hog)
Possible locations are:
Directory containing D1X
In a subdirectory called 'Data'
In 'Resources' inside the application bundle
Or use the -hogdir option to specify an alternate location.
I was thinking more along the lines of the output of find . -ls as run from the directory where you put the application. That would have been easier for you to capture and easier for me to parse.

As for the -verbose output...?
Ok, so I don't understand too much about those things. How do I do it? Do I use my terminal?
Yes, you will need a functioning command-line for this. A terminal emulator is the easiest way to get one.
I copied the .hog and .pig files to D1X Rebirth > Contents > Resources and now it worked.

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