[d2x 0.60 beta 2] Apocalyptic factor briefings doesn't play, Level 3 boss not moving
I'm playing the Apocalyptic factor mission downloaded from the

DMDB: http://www.enspiar.com/dmdb/viewMission.php?id=418

This mission is supposed to have a long briefing, but it doesn't play, it goes straight into the game.

Also the boss in level 3 doesn't move. It's supposed to be a diamond clawing boss that chases and claws the player.

Briefings and the boss works in 0.58. But not in 0.60.
The mission file is buggy. It explicitly states that there is no briefing. Old versions of Descent incorrectly ignored that statement. Use d_fname for DOS filenames (July 2014) fixed the parser to respect an explicitly blank briefing.

Change handling of explicitly blank briefings restores the parsing bug, since it is too late to fix the mission file. Please sync to tip and retest. If this is acceptable, I will backport it to 0.60-stable.
I was unable to debug the boss problem as I cannot readily find the boss. Please provide instructions on how to reach it.
In AF L3, go into the red key room break all the panels to open all the areas there. In the upper floor below the matcen there is a secret door, it contains and Enemy Pyro, and 2 other switches. Break them and it will open the walls in the sewers, where the boss can be found. It's a multibot boss that's supposed to chase and claw the player like a diamond claw.

In 0.58 the boss works as it should. In 0.60 (when I tried several months ago), they just sit there cloaking themshelves but they don't move or teleport at all.
I'm still using the bugged version - I've noticed setting Briefing=yes in the mn2 file still doesn't get briefings to work. In fact I've been unable to get briefings to work in anything other than the original D2 campaign or Vertigo.

(For example, The Phobos Encounter has briefing=yes explicitly set in the original mn2 from 1998 and doesn't show a briefing.)

Is there any other way to work around this & get briefings back? I'm using the last pre-compiled 'weekly' binary for Windows from the website (4-14-18 ); I don't have any way to build software on my only Windows PC, so I'm stuck using the binaries for now.

Wasn't the 'briefing=' flag added as part of the "extended mn2" format used by modding tools (e.g. Descent Manager, and not actually Descent itself) back in the day? Or was it always part of the msn/mn2 spec and I'm mis-remembering when it was introduced? It's been a long time...
briefing=yes should work fine if there is a briefing file named yes; otherwise, it will fail. briefing= is not a truth flag. It is a statement of the file in which to find the briefing. This is likely why The Phobos Encounter has no briefing: they failed to ship a file named yes.

The buggy versions play the briefing fine. It is the fixed versions which do not play it, because they respect the mission file when it says briefing= as a statement that there is no briefing at all. Per the report, I reintroduced the bug in June because it is too late to fix the mission files. If you are stuck on a non-buggy version, you can manually fix the mission file by removing briefing= entirely.

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