Some Simple AO implementation.
I have asked this a few years ago, but I thought now might be a good time to try this again.

How hard would it be to implement AO for the tunnels?
We don't have any turtle graphics, so rather difficult.
I mean Ambient Occlusion. Like MXAO
It is already physically possible if you use 10 times the amount of cubes and manually do all the vertex lighting, but it is time consuming and the game isn't ready for 9000 cube levels yet despite that being the cap.[Image: zw2noSx.png]
Any thoughts? Does the visual look it adds to the mines worth it in your eyes?
It's worth enough that I'll review and likely merge a patch series that implements it. It's not worth enough to get me to personally write such a patch series. Smile I have higher priorities I want to see done first.
understandable. Until someone does, I will attempt to make a full map with manual AO.
What do you do differently with the vertex lighting to implement the effect? Automating converting a level into an ambient-aware version might be easier than patching the lighting code to dynamically apply ambient lighting to all levels.
Well, I have to make an extra cube or 6 and therefore 2-5 other connecting cubes to get an extra 3-9 sides setup for it. then I select each edge to change all of their lighting to a universal value (but I think scaling this value based on surrounding light is better (like instead 0f making all edges 35.00% lit, making it variable 25-25% light depending on how bright the adjacent edges are). [Image: wcAz9Xu.png]

I don't think there will be an easy way to implement it.

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