New feature: powerup shuffle (competitive games only; experimental)
Add support for shuffling powerups in anarchy games adds a new experimental host-settable flag (ignored in cooperative games) that shuffles powerups at the start of the level. When enabled, every pre-placed powerup[1] is placed in a list, then the list is randomly shuffled. Shuffling causes the powerups to trade positions, so players will still find some sort of powerup wherever a pre-placed powerup would have been, but usually not the specific powerup that the level author placed there. This feature may blunt the advantage conferred on veteran players who memorize the locations of, and best routes to, all the best items in the level. This feature is off by default. It must be enabled by the host to be active. Each playthrough will roll a new seed, so the items should be shuffled differently on every game.

[1] Hostages are not powerups; although captureable, they are a distinct type of object. Hostages are converted to shields in competitive games, but only after this phase runs, so shields created from hostages do not participate in this feature.
Ooo! This is awesome! Thanks for adding it Kp!

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