D1X-Rebirth v0.60 BETA 1 [Win]: in Robo-Anarchy both Timers not working
In Robo-Anarchy the Timers (Max Time and Max Reactorlive) are not working. The same thing is the Invulv Option while Spawn. I think this must be a Bug.
On all counts, I cannot reproduce this in tip. This may be fixed in a later build. If not, please provide more information. If you have not already done so, please read How to post your bug correctly.
smith sent a private message with a bit more detail. Cross-posting my answer here:

I see the problem now. When max time expires, the game checks to see who has the best kill count. That person is declared winner. Then the reactor explodes. In 0.58.1, even if no one had any kills, the reactor would still explode and the winner would be the person with the most kills (even if below the kill goal). If no one had any kills, then player #0 would win by default. This seemed wrong to me, so I fixed it. Remove some of the weirder quirks of timeout killgoal handling changed the rule so that at least one player must have at least one kill. If no player has at least one kill, then the function returns early and the reactor does not explode. The reactor should still explode once the first kill goal is scored.

Therefore, this is definitely a change in semantics from 0.58.1, but in my opinion, the 0.58.1 semantics when no one had achieved the goal were a bug caused by not handling the edge cases.

I am willing to entertain community feedback on whether the "Max Time" setting should always cause the reactor to blow, even when no one has reached the kill goals. I think I should retain the rule that there are no actual winners (and definitely not that player #0 wins by default) when the kill goal is not reached. I have no opinion whether the reactor should be forced to explode at that time, since that could be useful for moving on from a level.
I think the reactor should still explode, since usually the max time setting is used as a timer for the game session. It doesn't matter if everyone is tied at the end, the game session should still end based on the timer set IMO.
Always destroy control center when kill goal timer expires returns to the 0.58.1 rule that the reactor explodes when the timer expires, regardless of kill counts. However, unlike in 0.58.1, the message will not credit anyone as having the "best" score if the best score is 0 (or less).

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