"lpnlizard" cheat code not working
Just what it says on the tin.  The cheat is supposed to make all weapons homing, but the game doesn't even seem to recognize it as a cheat.
Other codes are working fine.

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If it's a D1 cheat, did you try 'gabbagabbahey' first?
It seems to work for me. In what version did you test this?
"lpnlizard" is a D2 cheat, and D2X-Rebirth 0.58.1 doesn't recognize it for some reason (nothing happens when you type the code). It works in the latest development version, however. Smile
Indeed, which is why I asked what version the original poster used. Zico removed it in ... Removed one or two cheats which carry more garbage than they are worth; .... It has been supported for more than a year, thanks in large part to Kreator taking an interest in it. I restored it in Add back homing weapons cheat for D2 based on a prototype that Kreator posted in Pull #318.

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