Apocalyptic factor level 14 boss crash
in AF 14 i think when the boss fires something rebirth crashes
i happen to have the error message to prove that. it says... similar/main/laser.cpp:578: invalid index used in array subscrip: base=00c92c00 size=8 index=52
(rebirth v0.59.100 BTW
I have not played this level. To confirm, this is af-d2x.zip level 14, titled Apocalyptic Factor - D2X, with sha256sum c1f63ec050612eb9f857a88ee69f9531d1d72e97dfb4f3c312a95e88d1c3f045 for the downloaded zip, correct?

How do I get to the boss from the start of the level? Where did you download the build you played? The original 0.59.100 would not raise that error on that line. In that build, line 578 is
weapon_objp->ctype.laser_info.parent_signature = vcobjptr(Players[pnum].objnum)->signature;
This line performs a range check, but the size would not be 8. In more recent builds, that line would be:
auto &plr = *vcplayerptr(pnum);
This also performs a range check, and the size would be 8.

Based on the error and reading the code, it looks like the level author gave the boss a player omega cannon. The player's omega cannon is special and different from the omega-like weapon used by the builtin D2 boss. The level author should not have done this, but the game ought to handle it gracefully. Once I confirm this to be the cause, I will try to fix it.
Rebirth 0.58.1 works well with this boss, so Player Omega should not be a problem, it is definitely a bug. I played this level many times and never seen that bug.
Rebirth 0.58.1 has no such sanity checks. It will happily perform undefined out-of-bounds accesses right up until it is killed by the system for an access violation. Player Omega cannon always has its parent set to player, which may cause strange effects when the operator is not actually a player.
1. I have no idea what that long number/letter thing is , so I can't answer that.
2. I don't know how to get to the boss fully(force fields block me off and I don't know how to remove them.) but play through the level as normal when you get to the red door, it is a one cube wonder with a control panal, shoot this and as far as I know it open two walls, one to expose the boss because it is in a separate section somewhere, and another one to give access to the arena. This passage that opens is underneath a grated off secret with three earth shakers in the first tunnel that has lava at the bottom of it.
3. The rebirth website

  1. OK, but next time, could you at least confirm the URLs? Windows may not have the tools to work with sha256 sums, but you can verify that the links I used for the level are the same as the ones you used.
  2. I was hoping to avoid playing the level at all. Since I didn't know how to reach the red door, nor how to get to any of the keys, exploring it would cost time that I could spend debugging it.
  3. There are multiple downloadable builds on the website. I wanted you to identify a specific download URL, so that I could determine exactly what build you used.

Allow non-players to use OMEGA_ID weapon should resolve this. Update to a weekly build from after the date of this post.
Thanks for the fix. While I'm waiting for the update I found a small workaround which to not let the boss see you AT ALL.

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