Resolution/aspect ratio problems
I'm trying to stream with my Intel integrated graphics laptop (lol), and lowering the bitrate down to 1400 while playing on a lower resolution is yielding promising results. However, I'm having some issues playing at lower resolutions.

I specifically want to play at 960x540, a 16:9 resolution which is 1/4 1920x1080 (half the width + half the height). When windowed, it looks fine, with the correct aspect ratio and everything. However, whenever I enter fullscreen, I get black bars on the sides as if it's supposed to be a 4:3 resolution. Also, gameplay looks horizontally squished, so I know that it's being rendered in that resolution with the 16:9 ratio.

Is there any software method to horizontally stretch the game to fill the screen and get the correct aspect ratio to remedy this? Or are custom resolutions broken at the moment? If there's any other potentially working low 16:9 resolutions, please tell me and I'll try them out. Thanks.
Custom aspect ratios are explicitly supported, even in fullscreen mode. It looks to me like the game will stretch as needed when you set the aspect ratio in Controls->Graphics->Screen Resolution.

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