Windows VS2017 project for DXX-Rebirth
I will get to VS compilation a bit later; in general I agree with most what you've said. On macro thing, that's a fact that heavy macro use was discouraged in every project I worked (unfortunately, sometimes even a ligitimate examples of macro usage!), but there were a lot of template misuse (making a compilation extremely long, and running the code in debug mode impossible + bloating the binaries). One muct be careful with either of them.
Adding comments and explanation is the right thing to do, very helpful, I will read them a bit later and see if it is sufficient for me to understand it, I hope answer is yes, but there can be some other macros like this - on which I will have questions.

On the boss bug. If you have a save with the bug, like that L11 save I posted, when you load it after restarting the game, bug is still there. ALWAYS, in any version of Rebirth. So point 7 in lists 1,2 is not true. Last list, I am not sure whether it is always guaranteed to have the bug in L12 after you finish L11 (from save or from cold start) with the bug, but it seems so. Every time I did it, the bug was there in L12. What I can say for sure - if you have this bug with particular boss, and you replay the level, the bug is STILL THERE, every time! Until you restart the game. So it seems like some static data corruption, that also persists through a saved game! Really nasty thing. And for now I cannot tell that latest nightly is any different from 0.58.1 on this, I did the level on cold start in latest build, and ran into this bug again... It does not happen always on cold start, but seems that chances increase with #of attempts on the level!

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