Too much health from medium lifters?
Recently I started playing Descent again. First with the shareware data, now with the normal data. Both with D1X-Rebirth v0.58.1 which I've had for a long time.
With the normal data I noticed I got much more health orbs from medium lifters, often two at a time with a very high probability. Is this normal?
Is this a difference between shareware and normal data?

BTW, was forum data / users lost? I'm sure I signed up in 2012 with the same name and email..
Game data influences what robots can drop, so yes, it could be a difference between shareware and normal.

Forum data was migrated to a new board, but user accounts were preserved, as far as I know. Perhaps your old account had zero posts and was dropped?
In D2, Medium Lifters only drop up to one shield orb on destruction, which was probably changed between games to accentuate the Medium Lifter's inferiority to the Diamond Claw, which is the one to now drop up to two shield orbs.

In D1, Medium Lifters always dropped up to two shield orbs.
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