Saitek X56 Thumbsticks Missing Axes
I just got my new Saitek X56 Rhino HOTAS. I found a thread where someone was having an issue with the twist and the throttle axis on the X55, which is a very similar HOTAS. But my twist and throttle work great. My issue is with the thumbsticks. The biggest change between the X55 and the X56 was the addition of two analog thumbsticks, one on the joystick and one on the throttle. These are specifically designed for space simulators and 6DOF shooters. In Elite: Dangerous, I have the joystick's thumbstick mapped to forward/backward/slide left/slide right, and the throttle's thumbstick mapped to forward/backward/slide up/slide down. I'd like to set Descent up to work in the same way. However, DXX-Rebirth is only recognizing one axis per thumbstick. Is there anything I can do about this? I'd really like to get this set up.

I'm running Windows 10 Pro, by the way. These thumbsticks are definitely working, becuase I use them for Elite. I can also see them working in the built in Windows gamepad config.
In Github issue #355, comment #4, Ryusei117 mentioned that Xbox axes are handled oddly on Windows. Programs using one of the older input APIs, such as SDL does on Rebirth's behalf, read the two inputs as a single axis. Programs using Microsoft XInput (which is different from Linux xinput) read the two inputs as separate axes. This may be your issue, since your other game might be using the other input API. If so, the resolutions are: reboot into Linux (where SDL already does what you want) or patch SDL to use the newer Microsoft API. Realistically, I doubt the second option is viable, at least in the short term.

At startup, Rebirth should print to its game log and, if not on Windows, also to standard output, how many joysticks it detects and, for each joystick, axes/buttons/hats. What output do you get for that? Are the numbers shown consistent with what you would expect for this device?
I'm having trouble finding the log with that information... Would it be in the dxx-rebirth folder? I don't have easy access to a Linux installation right now, and it's been several years since I toyed with Linux, so it would be ideal if I could get this working on Windows. But I understand that that might not be possible at this point.
It's named gamelog.txt if you want to search for it. I think it is written in the same directory as your pilot settings (unless you use the Players/ subdirectory feature). I understand your desire to get it to work on your chosen platform. Be aware that I have not used Windows as a primary platform in years, so my ability to help you there will be limited, especially if, as I suspect, this is an SDL issue, not a Rebirth issue.
Yeah ... the other issue with Microsoft's XInput is that it supports only Xbox 360-style gamepads. Joysticks still need to use those older APIs, such as DirectInput (according to Wikipedia). So we have a dilemma if we want SDL to support those gamepad triggers properly on Windows: it would need to use two different APIs depending on what type of controller is in use. Dang I'm not sure whether there's a workaround, but it looks that way.
A similar (or perhaps identical) issue was reported in Saitek X-55 throttle not recognized in 2015 for the X-55. It was never fully resolved (and Rebirth never migrated to SDL2 (though it is unclear whether such migration would fix this issue)).

Ryusei: thanks for the link. That reading is depressing if it is accurate that there is no unified way to support complex non-Xbox joysticks on Windows.
OP: does the new SDL2 based Rebirth handle this better for you?

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