[D2X Rebirth all versions Win7 x64] Bug - Magnacore boss glitch
Sometimes the CS level 12 boss loses the ability to teleport and spawn robots, it only cloaks for a second and reappears immediately at the same place. Like it is shown in this demo
at 96%. Same happens with this boss in other campaigns like Plutonian Shores Demo.
It happens both when you repeatedly play the level from a save, or from a cold start. And once happened, it always repeats with the successive attempts of the level, until you exit Descent and re-run it. Looks like nasty static data corruption. This bug is extremely hard to reproduce on demand, but it happens very often when trying to record a no death no save run of the level in question; usually for levels like this I need around 10 attempts to produce a successful one. Maybe it can be reproduced by repeatedly going into the boss room with invulnerability cheat, or it depends on how many time you replay the level or number of deaths, I do not know.
Sorry for reporting too many bugs at once, it seems to be the last one for now.

I just found a case where this bug reproduces always and there are no workaround. This is Apocalyptic Factor L11 and L12 bosses. Here are two saves, second one from the cold start.
Those bosses never teleport (just cloak and decloak), the only change between 0.58 and 0.60 nightly version is that in 0.60 they produce the sound. And once I had L11 boss to teleport after two minutes sitting in one place. And you can get to the L12 boss again from the L11 save in 0.58 or 0.60, it stays the same. I tried different workarounds but still it is the same... So it becomes a much more serious bug.

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