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I would like to build a headless linux server that will run d1x-rebirth and d2x-rebirth.  I am looking for any instructions anyone might have.  I already have a debian game server running and have installed both packages of rebirth.  Now I am looking for the command structure to automatically start a game and then register it with the tracker.  Thanks in advance.
The code for the tracker can be found here: https://github.com/Mako88/dxx-tracker

The packet info is documented there (although that's going to change at some point in the future).

For game-to-game packet info, you'd have to comb through the Rebirth source: https://github.com/dxx-rebirth/dxx-rebirth
Does the code track games or does it create a game?  I want to be able to have a server running at all times that has a level I (and my boys) jump into and play. Once someone has hit the self destruct and the level ends, a new one automatically begins.
Based on the title, I think he wants to run a game-hosting service without actually personally playing in the hosted games. This is not supported in the current code. The host must configure and join the game. There is no facility for automating game setup or startup. However, once the game is started, it would register with the tracker automatically (unless prohibited by user configuration).

Beware that the game-to-game protocol may change between releases. The handshake exchanges version numbers so that compatibility can be tracked, but there is no guarantee that the same opcode will be used for a given message in different releases, nor that the format of messages will remain the same.
Gotcha.  Thanks for the reply.

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