Where are you from?
Well then seeing a twister that is at any level of strength I think would be a fascinating treat for you guys. I found a YouTube channel that has lots of severe storm video footage that's mostly tornadoes, but occasionally hurricanes. Enjoy!

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Quote:beautiful Picture Obi. You flying that plane?
No sadly not, but they are easy to pilot hehe, it's a picture from google I couldn't find a proper pic heh.
I used to take a flying course in Domme , at their Domme Airstip Wink I took lessons in a Cessna C172 Smile great craft to fly though the Beechcraft Barron 58 they ordered didn't arrive yet heh shame really , to fly a twin prop does feel lots better.
Hey I notice a couple of you guys are from around here!!

I'm in Mississippi, although I was born in South Carolina (And I will always say that Folly Beach in Charleston, SC is the best place in the world) Smile

@D2Junkie: I was in Birmingham on a mission trip not long ago. I like it alot!
Quote:I was in Birmingham on a mission

Aha! So that explains the blowing up of a PTMC mine in that area :-D
Gib mir Benzin!
By the way, there was an earthquake in town last night. Don't worry, I survived.

Ironically, I was playing Jedi Academy at that very moment, and my first thought was "I must have used too much Force" :-D
Gib mir Benzin!
Who knows? :-D
Earthquake?  That wasn't because of too many bean burritos?
I think not Wink

Today it turned out that the earthquake was caused by some crazy game-obsessed kid, who blowed up a reactor in a mine... The police believes the kid has mental issues and believes that he is "hunted by evil robots" :-D
Gib mir Benzin!
I'm from Strasburg Pennsylvania, USA. http://www.strasburgpa.com/ We're a little town best known for it's antique steam trains, Amish residents and the film "Witness" starring Harrison Ford that was filmed here in the 1980's.

We actually had an F1 tornado just outside of town a few years back. While we don't have earthquakes, every few years we get a tremor from some of the nearby fault lines.

My mother was from Neu-Ulm. I visited there back in the early 1960's and except for the glass pyramid, your picture looks just as I remember it. I took many walks along that old city wall on the banks of the Donau. Could you direct me to where I could download a hi-resolution color image of the Neu-Ulm crest with the watch tower?
[Image: 188px-Wappen_von_Neu-Ulm.svg.png]
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