Where are you from?
I'm making an appearance again.  Haven't been around here for quite a while.  I originally posted in this thread way back in 2009 ... but the pic I had linked to is no longer at the same addresss (oh well).

Any how, here is a picture someone took in this area with a view across fields and such towards the mountains in the distance.
[Image: 1830884_com_grandteton.jpg]
I am from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Same place as Zipeh.
rome, italy

[Image: Roma_dall%27aereo.JPG]

ciao Smile
I'm from Adelaide, Australia. Smile

Here's a screenshot of the main city in Adelaide:
[Image: adelaide-2.jpg]
Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, EU.

Looks like this Smile
[Image: DSC_0904.jpg]
Hi everyone, Kaoss now will reveal her coordinates: I'm from Santiago - Chile!!!

I´ve been in many places where some of you live, because I worked as a flight attendant for some years: Brazil, Mexico, USA, New Zealand... VERY cool places.

My brother and I got into Descent back in the 90's, when our parents bought us an IBM Aptiva (damn it I feel old saying that!)  which came with an Interplay CD game, named "Cyberia". Inside the cd there was a Descent 1 demo (7 levels) and that's when the insanity love and obsession for Descent begun... and then my brother bought the original Descent II... and the obsession got worse  ;D

This is a picture I took from my apartment, a beautiful sunset and the Manquehue Hill.

[Image: 00%20foto-2_zpsngvwgw5g.jpg]

Zico, if you are still interested I would love to send you a postcard, give me your address and I will figure out where I can find a post office... it´s been a long time since I set foot in one  Tongue

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