Better sound for Descent 1 and 2!
Nice, nice. I think this is the "software solution" holbred talking about. The result is not bad but in some tracks it sounds not as good as the original with soundblaster soundfont. The synth. bass in the credits is... ,hm...

I hope the next version will be release as soon as possible.
I released a new version of my soundfont a few days ago. In version 1.8, I fixed only a small bug. The "Sweep Pad" was a bit too loud. You can hear the differences most likely in the music of level 3 (game03.mid or game03.hmp).

Here's the download link:

Let's come to the second news: I recorded the whole music of Descent 1 and Descent 2 with Winamp as WAV files and converted it into the OGG format. The results are excellent! All files were recorded of the original hmp files of Descent 1 and 2 in 48 khz using the hardware synthesizer of my Audigy 2. Then I used oggdropXP to convert the WAV files into OGG. The OGGs are of high quality. Each of them has a bitrate of 192 kbps.

Here are the download links for the OGG files packed in zip format:

D1OGG.ZIP - 115.5 Mb
D2OGG.ZIP - 29.7 Mb


It would be very nice, if you could implant a function in one of the next releases of DXX-Rebirth to play the OGGs instead of the original level music. The best thing would be that a person who plays Descent feels no difference. That means, he/she should not have troubles to choose the level music manually. This should be made automatically by DXX-Rebirth. Smile
This is one of the main goals of the SDL_mixer implementation. The other is a real Jukebox.

So yes, 0.54 will make it able to replace the HMP files with MP3 or OGG files.
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These are great news, especially for Linux users or users who only have a bad soundcard or can use onboard sound. Smile
Thank you for your great work, Holbred. Smile
You're welcome. Smile
Well, it seems that my work is unnecessary now. However, I make a reverb version for myself based an the latest soundfont.

Thanks for the new soundfont holbred! :-D I hope this is the final version because I don't want to add the reverb every new version. :lol:
Version 1.7 was supposed to be the last one. I only made a new one, because I discovered a bug. This one should be the last one. Smile
I tried the Crisis General Midi Soundfont.

Descent 1:


Descent 2 just doesn't sound good with this soundfont.

It's a matter of taste, but if you like it, I will upload the rest of it. I could also upload the soundfont if you want, because it's 232MB of size (7z compressed: 166,9MB) and the author's host is quite slow.
The basses are quite good, the rest...  :roll: No comment.

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