meet my Pryo gallery :)
Hi all within the years I have gathered some nice as lost 3D arts from lost 3D artists, personally I'm no modeller but I do like all the art whcih has been done with Pyro's mainly as other Descent 1/2 and 3 elements, maybe you programmers can make these usefull for DXX-R Smile

so here's my album Smile ... =x748129f3

The MetalBeast album is his High res texture pack in action with D2X-XL I am hoping that DXX-R will get this same type of modification Smile

my favourite 3D arts are the ones from Darkbishop only where and what happened to darkbishop still wonders my mind heh  Sad

Pyro-GX with dual Plasma Cannons & 8 Concussion Missiles
[Image: PYRO_GX_5.JPG]

Pyro-GX with dual Fusion Cannons & 8 Homing Missiles
[Image: PYRO_GX_4.JPG]

and here in action Smile

They are very old ones dated from 1997 I think , such a long time ago I found those.

About 8 years ago I hand painted a Pyro-GX with Quad Laser setup on my 3dfx system:
[Image: Sveta+The+V6K+System+c.jpg]

Anyways if some of you have more 3D arts from Darkbishop please show me them hehe
I doubt that Rebirth will ever make use of Hi-res textures\models. However i think that those GX models certainly look neat, a bit... squat(flat) but still neat. I like the look of the picture where the GX has four homing missles on each upper wing, it makes me think of how cool it would be if you could make a more accurate GX model, but have an animation where the two missles of each wing slide into the hull of the ship, and then slide back out with missles on them. A kind of "reload animation".

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