Robot AI "Snipe" doesn't work in Multiplayer

On a level I made there are several robots with AI "Snipe", which gives the robots more deadly properties than "Normal" AI for robots, this works great in single player and you can really notice the difference.  When playing the same level in multiplayer against the same robots, they act differently as if they had an AI of "Normal".  I have tested this with other AI properties for the robots such as "Get Behind" and "Follow" and they all work in both single player and multiplayer.  I also tested the "Snipe" property in Descent 2 Counterstrike (Level 19 Smelters have this property) and Vertigo (Level 18 most Sniper NG's have this property) and they all act with "Normal" AI in multiplayer.  When in dle-xp I checked and they were all listed with AI "Snipe".  Why is this?

Note:  My computer is Windows 7 64 bit.  I am using d2x Rebirth v0.57.2-win, which isn't the most current version, but I still believe this issue persists in the most current version.

Update:  Also tried with v0.58.1-win today, same issue as the other version.

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