D1X,D2X/W7(32bit),XP- Unknown Hog Size Error
when i select "New Game" an error message appears stating:

Warning: Unknown D1 Hogsize 7168520"

Additional Info- i made some corrections and modifications to the Original Patched Descent 1 and 2 levels, mainly texturing and lighting.  these were tested with the original patched Dos games on old win95 systems and gave no errors.  the data used is identical, simply copied into the folder.
after pressing ENTER at the message it returns to fullscreen and the level selection box opens and resumes normal operation with no issues.  this occurs on the latest version, running on both a high end Windows 7 32bit computer and an older XP laptop.
again, this happens in both D1 and D2, the full, registered games, then patched, pasted into the DXX rebirth folders.  i was able to play through descent 1 without a single problem using D1X.

i dont know if somehow this is intentional, or if there is an ini line to fix this?  i saw a similar issue it looked with demo data, but theres no crashing or issues like stated in those threads.
System IVAN rev 2.0 - Win 7 64bit
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